Couple of UI improvements

A couple of suggestions to improve the UI:

  • Need option to close e-mail message window on Reply and Forward.
  • Option to hide BCC field (BBC is hardly used and against e-mail etiquette)
  • Option to rearrange widgets on the sidebar (say move Contact Details above Contacts for example)
  • Gridlines or alternate row shading in e-mail folder views, to make it easier on the eyes when scrolling through long inboxes
  • Show full contact details in the sidebar widget (right now I can only see a contact’s name and chat ID/e-mail)
  • Add standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+D, etc…)

BCC is important for me. So an option to hide it is prefered to keep everybody happy.

close when reply/forward> we’ll consider this
option to hide bcc> it is now implemented in v.2.6 (…)
rearrange sidebar boxes> you can maximize specific box in 2.6 and we plan some major changes with sidebar in v. 2.7
gridlines and alternating color> implemented in 2.6
standard shortcuts> it should work, where and which they don’t work?

Confirmed. Shortcuts work indeed.

“- Need option to close e-mail message window on Reply and Forward.”

Any new information?!?