Counter for all messages vs just unread

I believe this is a feature request but please let me know if there is already a way to set the counter to show total messages vs unread? I consider all messages still in my inbox as basically unprocessed - I may have briefly looked at it to see what it was but if it’s still in the inbox it’s not handled. The unread marker is not relevant to me. I usually select all and mark as unread every morning to see how many I have to process. Would love to make this work without the extra steps. I have just switched from Outlook and very happy so far.

How about this:


Good grief I’ve been using this for probably 2 weeks and did not even see that. Thank you!

PS I am definitely planning to purchase at least for my Windows desktop and laptop. Outlook in Office 365 used to work fine but has been super buggy lately with iCloud, I was having to disconnect and reconnect every time I turned around. Been working a lot of hours and don’t have time for that. Plus they are about to dumb Outlook down with the new version I think. This was going to be the first feature I thought I would just have to live without.

Took me a lot longer to notice that as well when I first started with eMC.