count of emails in sent folder not showing

I’ve just started using eM Client and I like it A LOT!  I have just one, very small question of curiosity.  I see counts of the number of emails in my Inbox and a count of “Unread”  However, there are no other counts showing.  There is no count showing, for example, of the number of emails in my Sent box even though I’ve sent 7 today.  Also, one other oddity.  The number of “Unread” messages is still equal to the number of messages in my Inbox, even though I’ve read several of these messages today.  Can anybody explain what seem to me to be anomalies at best, and errors at worst?  Thanks.

I don’t think eM will show number of sent next to “Sent”. But if you look in the bottom right corner it will tell you how many emails are in Sent (and other folders).

As far as Unread, is it possible you read them but eM hasn’t marked Read because the setting for marking read are too long? You may want to try and manually mark a message as Read and see if that changes any of the counts.

Larry,  Thanks for this reply.  It is helpful to know that the counts appear in the lower right corner when you click on that folder - thanks for pointing this out.

Where the Unread count is concerned, I think I’ve just noticed something.  The counts appearing in the upper left corner on the “All Inboxes” line and the “Inbox” line are counts of the number of unread messages in those inboxes!  Therefore, they always match the count on the “Unread” line.  However, I wonder if it is supposed to be this way.  Why display on ALL of these lines the same count of unread messages??  This doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.  It would make more sense to me to display on the line for each folder the count of the total messages in that folder.

I noticed that too and I may not need to show the Unread folder since it does show the count in the All Inboxes and I sort by date received, newest. Although it’s not needed that’s the way I prefer it. Can’t say why.

However, if the sorting is Oldest at the top or the All Inboxes isn’t used then the Unread folder would be very helpful.

Hi, I’m not sure if I completely understand your issue, but the All Inboxed smart folder displays all your email through all your inboxes, if you’re using more accounts you can see everything in that folder.
Unread smart folder only shows the unread messages but as well, all your unread messages from all your accounts, so if you’re using only one account this might seem like a bit useless feature (you can hide the smart folders though and you don’t have to use them at all).

Sent items won’t be showing the message count, since all your messages are read after sending, but if you mark them as unread the indication of unread number should be shown as well.

If you’re having a different issue with the setup, can you maybe make a screenshot of what’s bothering you about the setup?

Thank you,