Could be good but just isn't

Between em and epim there are things that just don’t work that make them useless. I spent too much time with this one to go into detail. Not hooking notes to contacts is a complete downer.

eM Client has notes in contacts. You will find that in the Details tab. But this is also dependent on the server where the contacts are synced. If the server doesn’t support that field, it will not be available.

I agree, but on a different level. Their pricing scheme has become ridiculous and I am tired of paying for 2 Pro licenses every single year. Starting tomorrow, I’m finally ditching Em and going to Outlook. For as long as I have paid for this product over the years, and the slow, lack of updates, the application has become nothing more than a money pit when other clients are just as good if not better, and either free or does not cost an enormous yearly cost for 1 license. Enough said, time for me to switch.

A Pro license is a one-off payment. It allows you to use eM Client indefinitely without any further purchase.

There are two types of licenses. A regular Pro license is for a specific version. So say you purchase a license for version 9, you can use version 9 forever with that license at no additional cost. The other type is a Lifetime Upgrades license, that allows to you use all future versions (so 10, 11, 12 etc.) of eM Client with just that single purchase.

Then I should’ve taken the lifetime route, but that was not available in 2014. I just checked, I have 3 pro licenses for 8 (not lifetime, and I’ve been paying each year since 2014). So then there is no more updates unless I pay. And I am certainly NOT about to pay $230 for 3 lifetime licenses. You can count me out.

There is a new major version release every few years, not every year. In 2014 when you purchased your first license, it was version 6. Version 7 was released 2 years after your first purchase and version 8 came along 4 years after version 7.

If you want to purchase a lifetime upgrade for any of your existing licenses, it will be about $60 per license, whereas a single version upgrade will be about $25 per license. You will need to check on our website as the prices do vary dependent on your location.

I appreciate your time, but no thanks…