Corupt Database cant delete file

I have a corupt data base and finding it in roaming as emclient it wont let me rename it so i can create a new on
any ideas please

As long as eM Client is closed, you should be able to rename or delete it. Check in Windows Task Manager to make sure there are no instances of eM Client still running. Or even restart Windows in safe mode, then rename or delete the C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ directory before restarting Windows normally.

thanks for that
i seem to remember in the past there was a db file in eM Client the you could rename

Generally it is the whole database you want to remove. If the error is specific to a single file in the database, you can delete that file, but it may just create a bigger problem. Without seeing the error it is difficult to say though.

Gary thanks