Corrupted Backup

How to get past error message to reinstall EMc.
Backup db not essential

As your database is corrupt, you can delete it and then restart eM Client. No need to reinstall it.

With eM Client closed, delete or rename C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to show hidden items in Explorer to do that.

When you restart eM Client, you will have a fresh new database.

Thank you.  That worked fine.  All mail from server downloaded in EMC.
Have changed email to IMAP but imported account is in old POP with odd ports. Do I create a new account, same email address,  and later delete the esisting POP listing in EMC?

If you have the email account already setup as IMAP, then you don’t need to create it again. Just move the emails from the POP3 account folders to the IMAP ones or to Local Folder before you remove the POP3 account from eM Client.

IMAP was setup in Outlook.  Can’t seem to setup IMAP in EMC.
Is all getting too hard and time consuming to get this app to work in my case.

Who is your email provider?

Adding your account to eM Client with the Automatic Setup, should setup that server as IMAP. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Click the + to add a new account.

If it doesn’t set it up as IMAP, you can do it manually.

After entering your email address, make sure IMAP is selected, and enter your server details.