Corrupt settings?

Newly downloaded eM and successfully added two gmail accounts, however, each time it syncs I am getting the attached error msg???  Have deleted and resubmitted twice with no change. 

When I click through to OPEN account settings, there is no option to update or check

Hi Penny,

Does your account synchronise all emails successfully despite the error message? It might be just saying that in the moment of repeated sync, your email server was unavailable but otherwise it might not affect the functionality of eM Client. 

With regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client

Emailed are successfully downloading and sending,  so function is ok,  but this appears each time it syncs and I have to go in and ignore and hide to remove it.  Just frustrating!

I am having the same problem. Have deleted and reloaded account now it won’t download anything yet the calendar and contracts are fine.