Corrupt database error on startup

I am using the new beta 7 version of em client and now each time I try to start it I get the error message that the database is corrupt. This didn’t happen before updating to this beta version unless my PC had crashed

Hello Ian,
Have the crashes started happening right after updating to BETA 2? Was eM Client running at this time? Or has it started happening after some change in the settings? Could you copy the error message, please?

If your database has been corrupted, you will need to start over with a clean one to continue using eM Client.
Delete your eM Client Preview folder located in C:\Users%windows user%\AppData\Roaming. (Not the eM Client folder, that is your version 6 database).
Start eM Client again and migrate your database again from version 6.


I see the same, but only if Windows 10 Pro was restarted. So: Start eMclient 7 Beta 2, close it, reopen it = fine. But Reboot windows, start eM Client = checking database. Has started since updating from eM Client 6 to 7 bbeta 2.

Yes that’s precisely what happens to me Tobias

I see, so the issue is with Windows start up?
Has eM Client been closed properly before the restart?
Do you have the option to Close application to Tray enabled?


Yes, just on Windows startup. eM Client should be properly closed when shutting down. No, close to tray is off.

Which Folder should I keep? I use emC Beta 2 and do not want to have the version 6 folder stored in the Roaming folder. Can I delete the eM CLient folder if that is for version 6? Is the eM Client Preview folder the v7 beta 2 folder?