Correcting format of "Contact" page

When I add a contact, I go to “Address details” to add the contact address. Although I add the zip code in the correct box, once I finish entering the address and close “Address details”, on the “Contacts” page the zip code displays before the city name. How can I re-arrange the address so it displays properly?

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment. It is due limited space in the contact details address field.

i would like this changed also please

I would also like to vote for this to be changed please. It is most definitely wrong in the UK where the order is
County (US State)
Post Code (US ZIP code)

It makes cutting and pasting the address into another app very annoying.

I agree. I would like this changed also. Thank you.

I wouldn’t have thought it was a space isssue, but a format/layout issue. The data is still in the fields.

Australian convention is
City State Postcode (all on the one line)

It would be very helpful to have this fixed.


We cannot adapt the layout to each country and their conventions but we will try to find a compromise.

I can see you point George but I would make the following observations:-

  1. Even your own Mail Address edit form puts to Zip Code/Postal code after the City, so it does look a little inconsistent to then display it before City in the main contact form.

  2. Looking at your own addresses on your website contact page, they all seem to be using the format
    Zip/Postal Code

Just leaves me wondering what made you decide on the current format?


I have discussed this issue with the rest of our team and we decided to change it. You can expect this change in one of the next updates.

For Holland it also goes wrong.

I get
Zip/Postal Code

For Holland it must me
Zip/Postal Code

Very frustrating because labels printing not working correct.
Navigation not working because Zip and City are wrong.

Please correct this so people can choose in which country the live and get the right format.

Do you have set locale and place in Windows to Netherlands/Dutch? when I set both format to Dutch and Location to Netherlands I see address in proper format for your country.


Yes i have.

How to reproduce it.

  1. Create or Edit a contact in Gmail (

  2. Put address like
    Zip/Postcal Code City

  3. Save contact and exit Gmail.

  4. Open eM Client and sync eM Client just to be sure info is the same.
    05 Open same contact.

  5. Clik Edit button with Address.

  6. All looks fine.
    08 Hit OK button and Save button with eM Client.

  7. Open contact with again.

  8. Zip/Postcal Code City are swapped like City Zip/Postcal Code

Very interesting topic and probably something eM Client can differentiate them selves from their competitors.

I don’t think the address format should be dependent on the Windows locale settings.

I have contacts in many different countries…I think the address format should be dependent on the address (country) of those contacts…not on my personal Windows locale settings.

I think the best is if eM Client would enable the end user to add/edit/delete ‘address formats’…in which an end user can (visually) move address parts (like ‘street’, ‘postal code’, ‘city’) to make up an address format.

The end user should be able to give each address format a name (e.g. “address format for The Netherlands”, “address format for Australia”).

Then an end user can specify for each address which address format should be used to show a complete address.

Hi, have you tried newest version? It should be repaired in it.


Just did a check for update and installed it but problem still exist.

In another topic (some other Dutch people had this problem also) we have found that this is problem on Google’s side.

Here is link to that topic:…


Yep that was me also

Oh, I was looking only for title and address and where I found it I just copied url. So I am sorry for this confusion.


Doesn’t matter. Great that you are trying to help.

you are welcome, just to ask have Google responded to your tickets yet (if you have reported this to them)?