Correct settings for connection to Yahoo mail

When I installed this software it took all setings from Thunderbird. Like others, I am getting these messages about not connecting to the Yahoo server. It asked if I would like to see my settings but I do not know what the settings should be. Can you help with that?

Hi, do you use IMAP or POP3? If IMAP then there is high chance that you will see these errors all the time.

Write me your IMAP or POP3 settings here (port and security policy is enough). You can also try to uncheck in Tools - Settings - General - General “shown window when an error occurs”.


Thanks for your reply. I use IMAP and here are the settings:

Host -
Port - 993

Security Policy
Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I have been using your free version for a week and like the rest of it. My intention is to buy the full version soon if we can do something about this connection problem. I did not get those messages with Thunderbird.

If I buy the full version my intention is to use 2 Yahoo accounts (which I have on the free version now) and also add 2 Gmail accounts. Do you have any problems with Gmail?

Thanks for your help!

I see that you are using IMAP, could you copy/paste me here whole error message? Anyway this looks like standard Yahoo problem with their authentication servers, problem is on their side.

You can try to turn off error messages, it might help you with distraction while working - are you able to synchronize with server or you see this error all the time?