Correct misleading translation errors

The column header editor has in German some translation errors. One of those leads straight into the opposite meaning.

In German “Als Standard“ means “Set the selected settings as the new standard setting“. In fact this should read “Zurücksetzen” or “Wie Standard“ (resp. “Reset” or “As standard/default values given by application“

In German “Senden“ means the action to send Here, the column heading “sent” should be translated to “Gesendet”

Thank you for reporting this, we will fix it ASAP.

Hello, today I’ve found two errors in the Hungarian translation.
eMclient 5 17595.0, the Hungarian translation is 5.0.16979.0
First of all, the Cancel button is translated to “Törlés”, which means Delete in hungarian. The correct translation is “Mégsem”
The other one is a bit tricky.
In the right side, in the Agenda, the preview of the calendar item has a wrong translation of the From and To labels. If I translate it back to English, it looks Sender and Addresse, instead of Start time, End time. But, in the dialog box, the translation is correct.

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if you want, you can help us to improve Hungarian translation - just contact me at [email protected] and I will send you detailed instructions.

Hi George, i have a similar situation, but the instructions at gives me a 4kb MailClient.resources.dll file (original MailClient.resources.dll 592kb).

Steps I do:
Copy original dutch MailClient.resources.dll tot desktop
Exporting a language xml file from the original dutch MailClient.resources.dll located at desktop.
Load saved xml into localizator
Translating string
Save to new xml file.
FIle->Generate resource dll

This generates me 4kb “MailClient.resources.resources.dll” in the localizator folder. (Despite I selected my desktop and another filename for the dll).

What is the correct way of achieving this?

Send me an email please so I can send you the most recent version of dutch localization.

Couldn’t find your mail address, so I mailed it to [email protected]
But, is there a (up-to-date) way I can correct misleading translation errors?

Thanks in advance.

My email is in the post above yours - [email protected]