Copying then deleting contacts from local folder to IMAP

I’m a new user of emC. Trialling version 7. I had a local emC folder of contacts (that I copied over from a POP Outlook account). I have copied a proportion of them to an IMAP folder (and categorised them), associated with a different google email address, so they are all appear securely synced in the associate google contacts folder (with Google labels as per my emC categorising). I now want to delete the contacts from the original local contacts folder. Can I assume that I won’t thereby delete the contacts from my emC IMAP contacts folder (nor, consequentially lose them from the cloud when emC syncs again with my gmail? If not, how can I proceed to delete the contacts from the local folder securely?
Thanks, in anticipation of your help.

Deleting from the local folder contacts will not delete the IMAP account contacts.

If in doubt, make a backup before you do this. Menu > File > Backup.

Contacts in your IMAP folder are a synced copy of Google Contacts, so will not be lost during the sync. However, if you delete a contact from the IMAP folder, it will also be deleted from Google Contacts.

Thank you, Gary for your speedy help. Sorry for the late reply on my part. All good.