Copying events from one calendar to another without causing a resend of invites

I have a calendar with a bunch of old and current events that I want to copy from a personal calendar (A) to a calendar I am also using for my business (B). I have another calendar that I use at my employer’s ©.

Calendar A - uses ActiveSync
Calendar B - uses Caldav
Calendar C - uses Exchange

When I copy an event from C to A or A to C, no problem. Everything works.
However, when I copy from A to B or C to B, invitations erroneously get sent out to everyone on the event.

This caused a huge headache and was a little embarrassing because I did not realize that this was happening until a couple people called me about why I was resending old invitations.

I merely want to diarize these events in different calendars not resend invitations.

Is there any work around to stop this from happening? Can this bug be fixed or a feature added to ask if you want to resend the invitations?

I think this is dependent on the server where you are copying the event to, as invitations are sent by the server and not eM Client for synced events.

Maybe you want to contact the provider of the CalDAV account and see if they can change the configuration for you. Doubtless, but worth a try.