Copying an Excel table

When copying a tabe from Excel or Google Sheets, somtimes emClient pasts the content including formatting, sometimes not (allways using html email format).

More, I also would prefer have the table pasted as a picture, but this is not possible (unless before converting it into a picture).

Generally speaking, managing a table in a email text is not very usable.

Have you a solution?

miƩrcoles 04 noviembre 2020 :: 1827hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Maurizio_S

Obviously as you would prefer to send the table as an image there is no requirement for the recipient to be able to edit the table, so for security reasons why not save the Excel table as a PDF and send it as an attachment.

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You can also use a screen capture tool to select a section of your spreadsheet, or Alt+PrtSc to capture the current window, then paste that image directly into the new message.