Copy to folder implementation

I’m a recent eM Client adopter, and thought I had Folders (rather than Gmail’s Labels) sussed. However…I set up a filter that says copy any emails from person X into folder Y. My thinking was that I could then just read the one in the inbox and delete it without going to the trouble of moving it to folder Y. The filter works fine. I discover, however, that deleting an email from the Inbox also deletes the folder Y copy.

Is this working as designed? I have multiple instances of emails that had multiple Gmail labels attached to them (and I’ve read some of the threads on this subject, but they don’t help with this question), so I assumed this work in the same way, creating two instances (it is a Copy filter!) of the email.


Curiouser and curiouser. If I Move the Inbox instances to Folder Y, both instances appear there (i.e. there are two of each email). If I delete one of each duplicate, BOTH disappear. If I then Undo the delete, one instance reappears, not both. Somebody please explain!

Hello Neil, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Are you using server side rules setup on your mail server (gmail) or in eM Client? Can you please make a screenshot of your Rule setup and submit the screenshot to us here on the forum?

Thank you.

Paul, I’m running 6.0.22344. I’ve deleted all my Gmail filters. I’ve also found that this isn’t rules-related. I can reproduce it at will:

  1. Pick an email in my inbox (haven’t tried any other folder)
  2. Right-click it, Copy to Folder, select any folder
  3. Right-click the same email in my inbox, Move to Folder, select same folder as in 2)
  4. Go to the target folder - two instances of the email.
  5. Select one and delete it: both disappear
  6. Do Edit, Undo and one re-appears.

All this happens without a sync taking place part way through.

Hope this helps…Neil

Hello Neil, this is unfortunately due to the Gmail labeling system. You’ve mentioned this occurs without the sync taking a part half-way through, please make sure all changes are synchronized while doing this, as by copying the email, Gmail server creates a label for the message with the folder’s name (the one you’ve copied it to).

Unfortunately labels work differently than what we’re used to from other IMAP servers, when the original email is removed so will be the copy as on the server, only one of the messages is available on the server.

Thanks Paul, I believe I follow. What I hadn’t realised is that (at least, I infer this from your response) every such action in eM Client is reported immediately to Gmail, rather than only when a scheduled or manual Send/Receive takes place.

Hello Neil, IMAP accounts keep an IDLE connection between the server and the client all the time, so all changes can be synchronized with your devices as soon as possible - with an exception of mobile devices that use a push request to keep data sync to minimal while on mobile network.

You live and learn - that explains a lot. Thanks.