Copy to clipboard not working in right pane (email preview)

When i try to copy to clipboard any text from email preview (i have it in right pane of eM client app) it doesn’t work. I have to reply or forward the email message in order to be able to edit it and thus i can copy the text to clipboard. This is, of course, very inconvinient.

Hi Marek, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer? Are you able to copy to clipboard while using Internet Explorer? Please check which version of IE do you currently have installed on your computer, and make sure it’s the latest available version.
If you’re using the latest version, please open Internet Options and navigate to Security > Custom Level, and set the “Allow programmatic clipboard access” setting to Enable.

Hope either of these options will help,

the version is 6.0.21040.0

Hi Marek, thank you, can you please check and answer the rest of my questions or follow my instruction on a possible fix and check if the issue persists?

Thank you,

i got the same Problem, using Internet Explorer 11 and the latest version of em-client.
copy and past is working in the InterneExplorer, if i get the problem not solved we can not use
this email client for our company

Sincerly Stephan


Hi Stephan, can you check if you have “Allow programmatic clipboard access option” enabled in Internet Explorer’s options as suggested above?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

the oprtion above is enabled in the Internet Explorer, I also paused our AVAST antivirus programm completely, but it is still not working.
We are using an terminalserver based on Windows 2008 R2.
What else can i try to get it fixed?

Sincerly Stepan

Hi again, can you please try to update your client to this version of eM Client, , and check if the issue persists?

Thank you,

ok, installed the update, but copy and paste from the email preview on the right side is still not working.
If answer an email copy an paste is working but we often need to copy Names and Adresses from incoming mails

Hi again, can you please check what version of .NET framework do you have installed on your computer?
You should be able to find the exact version number in Control Panel under Programs.

Make sure it’s the latest available version (4.5.2), and if an update is needed, please check if the issue persists after the update.

Thank you,

Hej Paul. The problem is that I am not allowed to change that setting in my work PC. I am planning to buying this email sw as it is so much better than overblown new outlook… but this is a showstopper.

unfortunately, if you cannot make changes to IE in the computer you use, then that might be problematic - seeing as version 6 of eM Client uses IE for some of it’s core features with web content and text editing.
This will be solved in the upcoming version 7 which uses these core solutions from Google, but until then, we cannot assist you with this issue.


I’ve the same with version 7.2.36694.0. “Save to file” is also not operating.