Copy the name of the sender to clipboard

Hi, is there any chance how to copy the name of sender of the message to clipboard? This is the feature which I’m missing long time in eM Client. Because I cannot select the name in message list, message detail, context menus, no where. Always I must to re-type it manually and it is very difficult to do that many times every day. Please, could you add this feature to some new version?

Open email, right-click the FROM line

There is no option like „Copy the name“ but just „Copy address“.

OK… never needed that for my use, so took a guess.
Another suggestion, do the same right-click and choose “Add a contact” from that you can copy the Name… not the best idea, but it will get it into the clipboard, without having to type it in…

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You have right. But there is minimum 5–6 steps needed:

  1. Right click to the name and open context menu.
  2. Click to the „Add contact“
  3. Select the whole name in text input.
  4. Press „Ctrl+C“ or „Ctrl+X“
  5. Close the window
  6. Discard changes (Optional)

If could by possible to do just 2 steps, it would be more useful:

  1. Right click to the name and open context menu.
  2. Click to the „Copy name“

Especially when you repeat this steps, it’s easier.

The reason I suggest this feature is that I sometimes need to quote the sender’s name in the reply or use it elsewhere.