copy text selections fails


When you select a text in the email preview panel or the opened email, right-click and choose “Copy” the clipboard remains unchanged/empty.

If I reply to the message I can copy/cut properly.

Version 6.0.20617.0

Hi, this works fine on my computer, what version of Internet Explorer do you have installed on your computer? Can you make sure it’s the latest available version?

Thank you,

I’m using 11.0.9600.17207IS

Hmm, if eM client is using the IE DCOM there may be a permissions issue. Which local settings does eM client require to function properly?

Hi, can you please go to IE > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level, and make sure you have “Allow programmatic clipboard access” set to enable?

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Yes! I keep “Internet” on “high” which disables clipboard access. I’ve set it to “ask” and that did the trick. 

Problem solved, thank you

No problem, glad that it works.


I have the same problem. But our system administrator prevents me from changing this setting for the ‘internet’ zone. For the other zones I can change it to ‘allow’ but this does not change the behaviour of emClient.

What can I do?
Is there a way to ‘add’ emClient to a different zone?


Hi Jan, please contact your system administrator in order to resolve the issue as unfortunately it is needed to have this setting set to enable to make sure the copy/paste feature can function properly.

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In Windows Server 2008 R2 this is called “Allow cut, copy or paste operations from the clipboard via script” in Group Policies.

I did what you recommended and copying text works fine in any of the folders. However, I am still unable to copy text from e-mails displayed in as search results. Please advise how I can solve this issue. Thank you!