copy paste without copying background

When I copy and paste text from one area of an email to another area of the same email, I copy not only the text but the formatted color of the email stationery I created.  This has the affect of causing just the pasted section to show the background color under the text on the recipient’s email when they receive it. How do I prevent the background color from being pasted as it looks like I’m trying to highlight the text? Thank you.

Hi, you should be able to paste the text without any formatting using the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut, default formatting will be applied.

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Thank you. When I use Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut the background doesn’t paste however…the pasted text is now different than the stationery text because it is unformatted.  So I’m having the same sort of problem, how to copy and paste so the copied/pasted text is exactly like the rest of the text in the paragraph by blending in with the existing text.

Unfortunately there’s no other option how to import your text, you can either copy with formatting or without it. If the original text contains a background color formatting, possibly remove this formatting before you copy and paste the text to copy the text without a different background color, or change the formatting after you do so.

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Thank you for your information.