copy & paste problem after upgrade (with Korean characters)

I have a ‘copy & paste’ problem. In fact, just ‘paste’ problem. And this problem occured after upgrading eM Client to 7.0xxx (I’m not sure what I was on before, but guessing

Basically, when I copy using “Ctrl-C” and try to paste using “Ctrl-V”, it doesn’t work always. It works sometimes, and does not work some other times (will explain below).

However, “Ctrl-shift-V” always work. So, I’ve been work around the problem by using “Ctrl-shift-V”, but this removes all the formatting (which is the correct behavior for Ctrl-shift-V), so I wish that “Ctrl-V” works as it should.

To be more specific, it seems like paste using “Ctrl-V” works if the content that I’m copying&pasting contains only English characters. “Ctrl-V” does not work if the content that I’m copying&pasting contains Korean characters. I said ‘seems like’ because I haven’t tried all combinations of languages and special characters, but it feels like Korean language is affecting “Ctrl-V”.

Could there be a patch for this issue please? I’d wish that I can copy&paste while preserving the formatting of the email.


Hello Jeongyeup,
I am having trouble replicating your issue.
Can you please tell me what is the exact number of your eM Client installation? Check the Help>About section and make sure to download the latest version from our website.


version is 7.0.26687.0