Copy / paste calendar events - with right click menu

I really miss a basic feature that concerns copying an event from one day, and pasting it at another day in the calendar. 
This should really be included in the right click menu when clicking on an event. And simply right clicking on the day where you want to paste the copied event. 

you can select the event, press CTRL+C to copy, click on another day and press CTRL+V to paste.
If more people express the need to add this functionality to the right-click menu our developers will consider it.
Thank you for sharing your idea.


Ah thanks!!! Didnt know the windows keyboard shortcuts worked.  I was looking for it in the menu =)

When I copy the event Ctrl+C/V and it is event from G-calendar, then old event is not visible in Google calendar cause there is an error with sync. When I click ignore the error, old event is deleted.