Copy/paste appointments in Calendar

I can’t copy and paste a calendar entry! In outlook, we can press the CTRL key on the keyboard and drag and drop an appointment to another date to copy and paste it.

How can I do that here?

The issue I have is that, even if I select the appointment with my mouse and press CTRL+C on the keyboard, then press CTRL+V on another date, the appointment disapears at the next sync…


It does not work for Drag and drop but It should definitely work when you copy events using Ctr C and Ctrl V. Could you please send me one of the events saved as .ics file? Thank you.

ok thank you very much for your help. Email sent.

BUT, it copies it into the default calendar, not the original one.  For example copying an internet calendar appointment and pasting it will paste it into the LOCAL calendar, not the internet calendar of the original. THEN comes the problem of switching it over to the internet calendar, which is frought with errors, unfortunately.