Copy emails while in offline mode

I have some emails that I’ve deleted from my webmail and I want to recover from a backup I previously made with eM Client.
My account is set up in IMAP.

As soon as I recover my mail from my backup, I see them in the proper folder (that is, in my case, the sent folder). I have to set eM Client in “Work offline” mode, otherwise it start syncronizing with the server and deletes the emails I need.

My problem is that I can’t copy emails in local folder or export them while I’m in offline mode. I keep getting an error from eM Client.

Is there a way to copy emails in offline mode, so I can still access them when I start working in online mode again?


Hello Eugenio, the only option is to archive the messages into local folders using either archiving or the move option, you should also be able to drag and drop the message onto your desktop and export it that way into an .eml file.

However the message needs to be fully synchronised with the client, e.g. both header and the body needs to be available in the database, otherwise eM Client couldn’t import the message if it’s incomplete.


Thanks Paul,
I’ve tried moving my emails and this error comes up:
Drag and drop on desktop doesn’t seem to work in offline mode (while in “online mode” it works fine).
I had already tried archiving earlier but that didn’t work either.

I think all my emails should be completely available in the database, since I’m recovering them from a backup.

Is there anything else I could try?

Hello Eugenio, unfortunately this means the message is not fully downloaded, either there’s an attachment to the message that hasn’t been downloaded or the message’s header may not be fully available, which unfortunately doesn’t allow the application to move the messages.

Best regards,