Copy data files vs Backup tool

Hi Support,

I am using eM Client for long time in my every day work, for several accounts. Main database file is about 14 GB large. 

1.) As I know, eM client do not support split main data file into several smaller (for example archive by years). Please, correct me if I am wrong.

2.) Backup with Backup Tool take too long (60-90min). My question is. Is there any difference with using Backup Tool (included in client), or if I copy entire folder where are stored all databases and files?

3.) Are you planning add feature to create more data files? I think, most of users will happy with this feature and overal performance of application will rapidly increase.

Thank you.

Hi Jaroslav, unfortunately it is not possible to split database files at the moment. Are you using local folders, or do you have all messages available for offline use?
As to point 2.) essentially copying the database folder is the same as backing up, however we are always a bit calmer if the data are properly backed up using the tool.

We’re currently working on an upcoming version of eM client, which should handle your data a bit differently, however as the release is still quite far away, I can not provide more detailed information.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

thank for your reply. I am using all messages available for offline use, but older <2014 are moved to local folder.

Few days ago I moved data files to SSD partition and performance is increased, now it is working fine.

I have couple question to new version:

  1. Are you planning release API, or ability to create macros or tools? (like MS Outlook)
  2. Are you planning add feature to create scheduled tasks? (for example periodically run deduplicator tool, or run filters? I am not sure If problem is on my side, but I have to run filters manualy every day. Few filters are working but most of them dont, and I need to run them manually)
    Thank you

Hi again Jaroslav,
we’re unfortunately not planning on releasing an API for the application, at least not currently.
Scheduled tasks are also not on our roadmap, but can you please comment on what you’re referring to as filters? Do you mean rules, rules are only processed for newly received unread email. If the message is displayed on another device, the rule won’t process the message.

Thank you,