Copy contacts and categories

I needed to get my contacts and categories from another computer. I searched and found that I should backup my paid version to restore into my free version (on another computer). I assumed I could choose what sections to restore, but no–did the whole thing. The result was to change the entire app. Now it wants my license # which I don’t have or need on this computer. I need to change it back to free version but keep the categories and contacts from the other computer. How?

The Activation key normally sets eM Client to either the Free or Paid Pro version.

If you cannot remember your key for the free version which would also normally have a different email address associated with it, click the following link and type in the email address you originally used for the free version. Lost Activation Key | eM Client

Then once you have the Activation key for the free ver of eM Client, click “Menu / Help / License” and deactivate and reactivate with the free key on that computer.