Copy and paste event date

Hello, is there some way how to easily copy a date and time of an event in calendar?

If I try to Ctrl-C when I am on an event, it copies only the title of the event. I really need copy also the date of the event.

Or, if I click on the event, It would be sufficient to allow mark date by mouse and Ctrl-C. But one can’t mark date with mouse or any other way.

I’m not really sure why you would need to do this - just typing a date and time would probably be much faster, but I suppose if you really wanted to copy the date and time in a normal format, you should select all the events you wish to copy (you can hold the CTRL button to select multiple) then right click on one of them and chose “print selected”. Then Print as PDF and save the file somewhere on your computer. Open the PDF and you’ll be able to copy the name, date and time.

Thank you for a reply. I need to create several events during my workday as my patients come to see me. Then I need to copy date of each event to special application (medical documentation) as a simple text. And I need to do it relatively fast. So your proposed way is unfortunately unusable.

Google calendar can do it as it is shown in the attached example.

It would be nice if emclient could do it also. Is there some way to achieve this or should I submit it as a new feature to the devs?

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Hi Frasou, I experience the same lack of feature. I have events that I want to duplicate to another date and time and while my email provider can do this with ease, I cannot do this in eMclient and it does affect my work experience.

Please submit this as a new feature, no clue how this works, I am new :slight_smile: