Copy aliases to another account - Is there a way to do this please

Copy aliases to another account - Is there a way to do this please?
Also what does “use the following aliases from linked accounts mean”? - again no reference in the help file

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to copy the aliases from another account, you have to setup the aliases for each account.
The option allows you to use aliases that are setup on the server already, however not all mail services have this enabled, so you might not see the aliases even if they’re setup on the server.

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Thanks Paul
can you please explain the second part in more detail about aliases on server

Not sure what to explain, for example in Gmail you can connect multiple accounts to your primary account, these can serve as aliases in the webmail, but they won’t be shown in the linked account in eM client either.

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what is a linked account - and how do I create one?

That is when you have two gmail accounts and you only want to use one login, you can set this up in the Gmail settings, I’m sorry but that is not really eM Client related, for more information about google products, please contact google support.

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