Copy Accounts & Settings

I’m setting up eM Client on my other computer and want to duplicate all the accounts and settings from the other machine. Import doesn’t seem to do that.  Does anybody know of a function for that, or a way to copy some of the files so I can easily replicate the set-up. I have 6 accounts and a large message database, so re-entering all the Account and other info isn’t a trivial task.

I’ve figured out the basics. I exported all my settings to an XML file on one machine, carried it to the other computer (via Dropbox) and then imported there. Seems to have done the trick.

Still haven’t figured out how to copy my local folders over, but am working on it.

2 ways:

  1. Use File > Backup on your old computer and File > Restore on your new computer

  2. copy all files in the data directory of eM Client from your old computer to your new computer (via a USB flash drive for example).

Default data directory of eM Client is C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

screen shot:

Thanks. Maybe that would do in one shot what I’ve been doing piecemeal with Import/Export.  I wasn’t sure that that the eMClient directory had everything I needed. The caution about file settings.xml had me worried.  What/where is the user profile directory it refers to?

Hi Gary,

From my previous post:

Default data directory of eM Client is C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Hi Gary, you should be able to do this by going to File > Export > Export settings into .xml file, that should export all your account information which you can then move onto another computer etc.
Or you can create a backup or copy the database as Hans suggested that will move all your data into a new instance of eM Client.
However using the .xml file you can move just a small simple file, and after importing it, eM client will synchronize all your account if you’re using IMAP.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Paul.  I tried that before Hans made his suggestion and it mostly worked. However, that doesn’t copy my local folders, of which I have several. I also have 2 accounts (of 6) that are POP rather than IMAP, so did not get fully synched on those.

By the way, I’m a Pro customer but find I get more helpful information here for simple procedural questions than I do trying to use the Pro Help tickets.

Hi again Gary, yes local folders are not contained within the .xml file, for that you need to either copy the eM client directory or use the backup feature as I mentioned which contains this data.

But I’d like to follow up on the POP accounts, are you suggesting that you’ve created a .xml file with account setting of all IMAP accounts but on your other computer it was setup as POP instead of IMAP?

Thank you,

No, not at all. The second computer had no email accounts set up - the account info was one of the major things I wanted to copy automatically. I have several email accounts, a couple POP-only and some that can be accessed either way (I choose IMAP). I used the XML file to duplicate the existing set-up.

As you know, POP is less capable than IMAP so the Pop email accounts did not re-populate the database as completely as with the IMAP accounts. Not a big deal, though.

Great, so everything is works as it should now? Glad to hear that… If you have any other questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help!.

Thank you,

Not really as I expected. For example, the email sort order to not copy over. I seem to have gotten only some of the set-up info using the XML export/import method. I haven’t tried copying the entire database yet. I’m also getting unknown certificate warnings on the second machine but not on the first. I think I did something to accept them on the first machine, but don’t remember what. I was expecting that a copy of the set-up would eliminate the need to re-solve that kind of problem. the “always download pictures for this sender” settings also did not carry over. PITA!

Am I the only one who uses multiple computers to retrieve and view my email? And want them to be identical in view and procedure? This can’t be that unusual. We use our PCs and tablets interchangeably depending on where we are and what we are doing.

Hi Gary,

Note that you need 1 license per computer. So if you want to run eM Client on 3 computers, you will need 3 licenses.

Many times user interface settings (like sort order) are saved per computer, so will not be transferred to another computer.

Hi again Gary, you certainly are not the only one, I’m using the same setup on multiple computers as well, it is certainly needed.

However as Hans suggested below this post few settings are not saved within the XML file as are for example sort orders, column configurations or maybe category colors.

But I believe you might see the exact same setup if you copy the database, but to be honest I’m not completely sure at the moment if for example color codes are transferred within the database data.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you’ll manage to use this setting,

I have multiple licenses for the Pro version.