Copied emails when deleted also deleted the master email

I have a Draft folder with a number of emails prepared each with an attachment. When Its needed I copy from draft into another folder. I select that temporary folder with the copied draft document and forward that on to the recipient. First the forwarded document is sent but a “copy” stays in the temporary fold when I delete the copy it also deletes the copy in my Drafts folder , I need to make copies that can be deleted without fear of deleting the master can anyone advise ??

Turn off conversations using Menu > View > Conversations. See if the draft remains after deleting the copy.

That seems to have fixed the issue, albeit a little more testing . Many thanks for helping sort it.

I think this actually comes from a misunderstanding regarding conversations. When you delete an item in the list with conversations turned on, you are deleting the whole conversation, which includes draft items.

With conversations turned off, the list reverts to a list of individual messages, so does not delete the connected messages.