Converting IMAP to POP3 - how to

How do I convert an email account from IMAP to POP3 without losing any messages? I have some local archived files under the IMAP account name that I don’t want to lose.

Hi, this is not possible, you can only remove and add your account again but as POP3. But removing IMAP should not delete your emails from the server, because IMAP can do it only when you delete your email/s.

If you have archived emails in local folders then they should stay there no matter if you remove your account and add it again or you remove it for good.

Emails from local folders has no connection to any account, they are just “exported” email files.


Thank you. I have one further question. When set to POP3, the way I understand it, is that when emclient accesses my email server, it downloads messages and removes the messages from the server and, instead, puts them in my inbox locally. What happens to “sent” messages? Does it put SENT messages on the server at all? Or just leave them locally?>

Also, more importantly, when I changed to POP3 my sent box is now empty - but there are many messages on my email server. How do I download them? (or do I have to go back to SMTP and download them and then return to POP3?)

If you use POP3, the ‘sent’ messages will not be uploaded to your e-mail account on a server.

I don’t know whether the current e-mails in the ‘sent’ folder on the server will be downloaded to your local PC when you use POP3.

Exact and good answer, just to answer your 2nd part POP3 will always download only Inbox, nothing else.

POP3 does not show as an option when I try to setup a new account.  Header only has IMAP.

Hi Eric, please follow my suggestion under another topic you’ve posted to.

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