Convert Text to Table

I often find myself typing a list of things separated with tabs.
I then find that the second or third line does not line up with the lines above because of the true type font and also - because the tabs have been converted to spaces.    So…  I think:
“I need to change this to a table so all the lines will line up nicely in columns”.

I cannot find a way to do this.  :-(
Would be great to highlight the text, right click and select “Convert to table”!
Maybe this will be difficult because the tabs have been converted to spaces?
Second prize would be to separate the text with commas, right click and convert to table!
I just feel that the “best Windows mail client” should have this feature!
Third prize would be to leave the tabs as tabs!  At least then “position 10” will remain as position 10 on all lines.  :-)

Hello Tony,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where other users can vote on it and our developers can consider it.