Conversations grab all the messages with Re[2]: Re: in one discussion

I’m using the client for 1 day only; sorry if the question is stupid.
I use my gmail account with the client and see very strange behaviour that contradicts this post:

It seems that eM Client groups all the mails with no subject (such as ** Re[2]: Re:** or empty subject at all) ignoring the list of people in this conversation. I have HUGE conversation with 370 messages inside of it with totally unrelated messages for period of 10 years.

What should I do to ungroup this conversation (the screenshot attached)?

Hi, If you are wanting to “disable conversation” view, click Menu / Settings or Menu / Tools / Settings at the top left. Then click Mail / Read /Conversations and select “Disable Conversations” as per screenshot below. Finally click “apply and ok”.

No-no, the conversations are great; I want them enabled. I’m complaining about the issue I describe: all the messages with empty topic have merged into the single conversation ignoring the recepient list. All other conversations are great and work correctly

@al_indigo What version of eM Client are you using?

If it is not the latest version 7 (or version 8 beta if that is what you have installed) listed in the Release History, can you upgrade by downloading from that page and see if the problem is still there.

It’s the latest version, I’ve downloaded and installed it just today (7.2.40748.0)

Maybe I can provide some diagnostic data for that issue? It should be a very annoying issue for lots of people with gmail accounts, not only me

I don’t think it is a common problem, but then I never used that version of 7. I stopped using 7 months before that release, when version 8 became available for testing.

If you would like to try version 8 beta, you can download it from the Release History. Maybe there is some difference.

How many participants?

I wonder if emClient takes the subject as evidence for a conversation. If you have a look at the email source/header (click right into email → view mail source/header…) there should be something like

In-Reply-To: <em49a735ce-6866-4922-9229-d89221c88649@blablub>

which is the indicator for a conversation. I expect emClient to take this as “ID” for gathering mails together. If there are a lot participants, I can imagine, that it seems to collect mails togehter that do not belong to each other at the first sight.

Are you sure that there is a “nonsense collection” of mails or do they possibly belong togehter but it is not obvious in this kind of presentation?

This “megathread” groups 13 participants; they don’t know each other; almost all the letters are one-to-one conversations. I’ve traced the last conversation that in real starts with a clear letter (it wasn’t a reply to anything).

Here are the headers of original letter:

And here are the headers of the letter which eM client thinks that this letter was a reply to:

Don’t see any connections between these two letters


Maybe try the latest beta version available for download in the Release History. Much was done to improve conversations.

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Thank you; the issue is fixed in the latest 8 beta (8.0.2646)