Conversation View

Is ther a way to show both email sent and inbox in a unique view, like outlook? Moreover, often conversations are divide cause reply add RE each time

Well, conversation view shows both together. It combines both incoming and outgoing messages in the same conversation. Adding RE to the subject should not exclude the message from the conversation. The method uses headers in the message to determine if it is part of the conversation. While subject is one of the criteria, my understanding is that it first removes the prefix, so RE and FWD are not taken into account. I am not sure how this works with other languages.  

But if you want a combined folder of sent and received messages, you can do this with a search folder. If you right-click on smart folders and choose New Search Folder, then select the folders you want to combine in this custom view.


I am not sure if this will solve your problem, as the related messages may still not be together. But you can try and see if it is of any use.

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately your solution does not work properly as shown below; as you will see, there are two messages that are part of the same conversation but separate 

Yes, it was just a thought, and I did not think it would solve the problem. It may be that the messages are not actually part of the conversation as determined by the in-reply-to and references headers in the messages, as the algorithm does not work on subject alone.

If you have a Pro License, you might consider opening a support ticket for this.