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Hi All,
we are trying alternative to MS Outlook as this hangs up too quickly, we in our office do a massive use of a common e-mail address “operations” and the conversation view is very useful.
What happens is that among the older mails we only find the received ones and just a few of those we sent, as a result we don’t have the whole conversation .
Is it possible that the program, while searching in the inbound box, ignores the messages sent by my own address ?

Let me do an example to clarify : I send an e-mail from the address operations to “someone” and paste operations in the CC.
Someone answers to operations, another colleague in our office replies to “someone”  always pasting operations in the CC, and so on for the whole e-mail chain.
But when I try to read a whole e-mail chain, in the conversation view, I only find the messages that “someone” sent us.

i hope to have sufficiently explained my case, is there a solution to it ?

Constantino, I may or not have had something similar happen recently, but normally this conversation chaining does work.

  • However, in Em Client, it operates differently than you or I may have been used to.  You can have a look at my attached screen image below.
  • Notice the ‘Show 25 older emails’ white button at the top. If you click this, then you’ll see all prior messages in the chain, _above_ the current message.
    - As well, each of the prior messages will be accordioned – folded so that you see only the heading at first. To see the message itself, click the icon on the left of the heading, is the simplest  way.
  • you can click to see as many prior messages as you want, and always only thocicise.
  • the reason they did it this way becomes pretty clear when you look at my 25-priors example. You don’t probably want to see so many at once, though you can if needed. The same would be true if the priors were shown after the current message, as scrolling up and down through all the opened ones could be very tedious, especially if they contain images.

Now, where I may have seen actually _not_ showing the chain of priors, which is not verified, would be when I had just added, or re-enabled, a fresh email server. If this happens, it would be because prior messages in a chain weren’t available due to how the server is initiated. I don’t have a good way to  check this, but actually I  think it works as you’d like, unless the chain might be very old perhaps.

Hoping these items will gain insight at least to what may be happeing there.

Kind regards,

Sample with 25 extra messages in conversation, before Showing, or opening any of interest…


Thank you for your reply, as eMclient imported tons of e-mails from Outlook it is better for me to check how it works with new e-mail chains.
By the way I see that answers i receive with a prefix different from RE: are not considered with same header and are not part of the conversation, how can I add other prefix such as “R:” or “Ris:” ?