Conversation view in EM beta 7

I’ve been looking forward to EM 7 for a long time as I really miss the conversation view in Outlook.  Sadly I’m a little disappointed with the conversation view in EM beta 7.  I have found a few bugs (or perhaps misunderstandings on my behalf) …

1. When using the conversation view and looking in my Sent folders that the email that appears in the email window may NOT be the email that I sent but actually a later reply from the recipient.  This is very confusing.

  1. Although the conversation view in the main application window does show the total number of emails in the conversation it’s harder to follow the conversation and distinguish between sent from received emails.  You now have to look a lot harder at the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields in the message window to figure out which is which.

3. Would it be possible to include an expandable conversation tree-view in the main application window, ideally with ‘Sent’ and ‘Received’ clearly shown (e.g. by showing Sent’ and ‘Received’ in different colours)?

  1. When looking at the ‘Sent’ Smart Folder, the date and time that appear in the main application window for a sent item are incorrect.  They appear to show the date/time when an email was last received and not the data/time that the subsequent reply was sent.  When viewing the same message in the ‘Sent’ folder of the relevant account the date/time in the main application window are correct.

5. I sent out an email to multiple people and had received 2 email replies from different people.  I wanted to reply to them individually but there is no method of selecting the earlier of the 2 received emails and replying to it.  I am only able to reply to the later of the 2 emails.  How do I reply to a selected incoming email in this scenario?

I’ve had to switch conversation view off for now because it’s unusable.  Please can you sort out these issues so that conversation view is usable?


Hello Andy,

I responded to your mail about these issues and once again thank you for your valuable feedback, we already have our devs on it.


A public reply to this would be informative, especially items 1, 2 and 5.

This is the email reply I got from David …

Thank you very much for all your feedback. Most of what you reported were bugs or design flaws we missed. I forwarded all of your suggestions to our devs and they will be on it soon. 
Again, thank you for the feedback.

Best regards,
David Adler - Tech Support Engineer

I also had a separate email reply about item 5 …

you can reply to the previous emails by clicking the little arrow icon in the message header - can you test it please? 

Best regards,
Juraj Micek
eM Client