conversation view - I hate it!!

I hate the new conversation view (emails being grouped together), is there any way to switch this view off?

I find I’m missing alot of email replies coming in, as I mark emails that need to be actioned in my inbox and they sit there until completed. Problem is often when someone replies the new email does not move to the top of the list, so its hard to tell its been replied to until you go down the list of emails in my inbox.

It’s easy - From the main window, click Menu | Tools | Settings | Mail | Read.  On the resulting screen you’ll find an option to disable conversations.

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Great. Thank you very much!!

You’re welcome.

Having conversations order from oldest to newest while incoming mail are sorted from newest to oldest is counter intuitive I think.
Also how to delete one single message in a conversation?
I tried to get used to this implementation but no way, I end up missing mails, deleting more that expected etc…
Overall I believe conversation is a must have but I also hate the way it is implemented. Suprising for me given eM is overall generally very weel though I find.
The reason why I will no go to the pro version (unfortunately).