Conversation View - First email not included

I just paid for an upgrade to version 9, hoping it would solve my biggest annoyance from version 8, and i’m irritated that this is still an issue. For me, conversation view will never include the first message in the chain. Everything else gets properly pulled together.

For reference, i’m using this against a gmail account. And i have the “show in all views” setting.

This is horrendously annoying. Let’s say i get an email, and i do not respond for a couple days. Then we go back and forth a few times about some details. If i try to scroll up and see exact wording in the original email - it’s not there. I have look at dates, then scroll through my inbox to find the first email. Why is this happening? I assume there is no easy fix for this, since if there was it would be in the settings. But maybe someone has some insight here.

It really depends on how the reply to that first message was created.

If the recipient clicked on reply and then sent it to you, their email application should have included the headers that says it is in reply to a specific message ID. Some don’t, then the reply may not be considered part of the original message. But when you reply to their reply, eM Client correctly adds the headers so a conversation is formed with the 2nd and 3rd message only.

As you have a Pro license, open a support ticket with us, and we can look at the first two messages and see why they are not forming a conversation.


I do have a pro license. But i’m going to the, and when i enter the username / password that i created for the forum, it just tells me its invalid.

Do i have to do something else to link my pro license? I also tried coming in via the Menu → Help → Get VIP Support, but that doesn’t do anything different. Menu → Help → License does show that i’m a pro license holder.

Thanks for your help.

There is a lost password link on the Helpdesk page. Click on that and use the email address your license is registered to. Login credentials will be resent to you.