Conversation options

in the conversation options I have the following marked:
“display conversations in all views”
when someone replies to my message I only see it in the “sent” folder … it’s terribly unintuitive
Is there any option that will bring all my conversations in one place? By design, in conversations, the division between the inbox and the sent folder is blurred. Maybe it could be connected somehow? In the current configuration, some messages may be unread.

The message will only be included in the conversation if the message headers indicate it is a reply to your original message.

If the sender simply starts a new message with the same subject, or their application does not include the correct headers, there is no way for eM Client to recognize it as part of the conversation.

Ok, is it possible for a conversation to appear automatically in my inbox instead of in the “sent” folder? Of course, taking into account what you wrote.

The conversation will appear in any folder that has member messages.

So if you send a message to someone, it is just in your Sent folder and is not a conversation. When they reply, it now becomes a conversation and appears in both the Inbox (where the reply is) and the Sent folder (where the original is). This is so that regardless of where you file your messages, the conversation will always include them.

Among other things, I started this thread because for me the answer went only to the “sent” folder. It’s not in your inbox.

Open the reply message.

Right-click somewhere in the message body and choose Properties.

See what folder it is saved in.

The message was caught by one filter and flipped to another folder. Thanks for the hint with the path to the message.

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