Conversation grouping

How to group conversation in ONE mailbox (folder) in my Gmail account only? Normally I group conversations in the specific folder in my GMail account but not in my Hotmail account. That is I want to group GMail conversations but at the same time, all messages in my Hotmail email account is never grouped. Otherwise I will have to go back to Thunderbird. :frowning:

Unfortunately you can’t specify conversation view for just one account, and not the other.

Okay thanks for your confirmation.

I have just gone back to Thunderbird. I am sorry to have had to leave/uninstall emClient - I hope the specific conversation grouping feature will be available in the near future. :frowning:

Just to elaborate:

Conversations are either on or off globally, but if they are on, conversations only include messages for a single account. That means if you have related messages in both the Gmail and Hotmail accounts, they will not be combined into a single conversation.

Thunderbird does not do conversations, but has threading, which is slightly different. In their implementation a thread only includes messages in a single folder, and can be enabled per folder. The conversation implementation in eM Client includes all related messages regardless of which folder they are in.

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Yes, “threading” is what I wanted. Because most of my forums’ messages are in my Gmail account’s several folders and they are all threaded. My Hotmail account is my “for-my-own-personal-use” email account so all my Hotmail messages/emails are never grouped nor threaded.

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