Conversation Displays Wrong Message


Using current
version: 7.1.33101.0 on Windows 10 Desktop PC.

I am working in my Inbox. When I select a conversation message either in preview mode or by opening in a window the most recent message is not shown. For some reason it shows the last message that I sent. I have to dig down into the conversation to find the most recent message.

I haven’t noticed it happening on all conversations so it could be isolated to just this one. If it helps, I think that the most recent message that is being hidden one level down was initially read on a tablet device. Is this meant to happen?  Can it be corrected?

Thanks in advance.

Hi James.

It should show the most recent message in the conversation, whether that was received or sent. In the message pane, you can just scroll up or down to see the others.

Thanks.  I know that’s what’s meant to happen but in this instance it doesn’t.

The only factor I can possibly attribute it to is that the message hidden one level down was opened on another device.  That’s why I think this is a bug.

Obviously a message marked as read on another device will not show as unread in eM Client, but the order should still be the same regardless, with oldest at the top, and newest at the bottom.

If you have a Pro License, your best option is to open a support ticket.