Control-Z =TINY text in display of messages

Out of habit, I used control-z when typing an email. The displayed text was reduced to microns, too small to see. I can’t find a setting to return the text displayed to normal. On the bar above the message, the “A” Font setting says 12 or whatever I set, but the font remains TEENY. The recipient receives a correct font in the message. It’s just the eM Client’s display on my side that’s the probelm. How to fix??

To answer my own question: Type Control-+ over and over to enlarge the tiny type displayed in a message. I have no idea how the displayed message text, in a message being composed, was shrunken severely … apparently by typing Control-Z. But it’s easy to fix.

It is possible that when you were holding the Ctrl key, you scrolled your mouse wheel. That will zoom in and out of the message.

To reset back to normal, right-click in the compose window and choose Zoom > Original.

I think you are exactly right. It’s the only rational explanation. It corresponds with my DIY control-+ fix. Yours is better, didn’t know of it. Thanks!