Continuous timeout issue but only when first launching emClient after a startup in Windows 10


I have been using emClient for some years now and during the last month or so - nearly every time I launch the program I get the dreaded timeout issue (ignore/check settings/ignore all).  I have 2 accounts setup and both are gmail accounts.  This only ever happens on one of the accounts and only the first time em client is launched after it has been shutdown for some time (emClient that is and not the computer).  If I “ignore” then there are no other sync issues at all for the whole duration of using that day/session. 

It is a phantom error and is a bit annoying (but not critical as ignoring it always lets it work just fine).  I have tested also by clicking ignore and then an immediate “refresh” of that account.  the sync is fine then also so my feeling is that it is a bug (timing issue) in the launch of emclient. 

It would be good if the developers could look into this and perhaps introduce some sort of delay at first launch before checking. 

this is also nothning to do with the machine settling down / networking initialising as this is ongoing at each launch while I am happily using the web browser and other apps that connect to the internet. None of these ever timeout or have connectivity issues.