Continuous login problems

I keep getting a pop up asking me to login. I have tried several times and it does not recognize my password - how can I solve this. I am unable to receive any more emails

Login to your email provider’s web interface and change the password, then use the new one in eM Client. Be aware that some providers require you use an app password and not the account password, so check on that, and generate a new app password on their website if that is required.

Another option is that your email provider no longer accepts username password logins. This is true with O365 accounts. The Exchange servers no longer accept username passwords, so you will need to remove the Account from eM Client, then add it back again. During the automatic setup you will be passed to your browser to complete the Modern Authentication setup. You can find instructions here.

If it is a Gmail account and you are using POP3, that is no longer supported, so your username and password will never be accepted. See the instructions here on what to do.

If none of those apply, it is probably a server issue, or an issue with your account on the server. You will need to ask the email provider for assistance.

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