Continually trying to download emails and says synchronizing messages.

Only in the last 24 hours em client is continually trying to download emails and says synchronizing messages. I’m running v 7.2.36908 with an IMAP account from Optusnet in Australia

Just as an addition to this, I deleted the email account and tried installing again. I created as a POP account and the email loaded OK, but then deleted account and install as IMAP and have the same problem as it continues to try and synchronize. Finally comes up with a message that its unable to connect to the server. I can send mails, just not receive them

A further update, lost our internet connection fort 30 mins, when it came back up again, the email started downloading as it should, hopefully problem solved!!

I have exactly the same problem which started to occur yesterday. My version of em client is 7.2.36465.0 with an IMAP account. Also if I attempt to move an email to my local folders it gives a message it may take a time to move plus it locks up em client. Any help appreciated.

Allan, it seems that both yours and Gordon’s problems might be issues with the provider. Either the server or the connection. Gordon’s especially because after the Internet connection was restored it all worked again.

And unfortunately eM Client does not let you continue while the notification message is on screen. I have also noticed that generally eM Client is slower than other email clients when moving messages between local and online folders. Only solution is to get a coffee.

Thanks, the coffee solution appears to have worked for me. EM client now working normally (fingers crossed).