continually synchronising

eMC 7.1.30469.0     Retrieving from a gmail account.
Today eMC has stopped syncing correctly it seems to be trying to update continuously.
There is no problem with the internet connection and web access to gmail works fine.
What can I do to correct this?

I have exactly the same issue. The only way I can get eMClient to work is to stop and start the application regularly. It is quite frustrating. Any solutions?

I have a gmail account so all my emails and contacts are ‘saved’.
I deleted eMC and then downloaded a new copy, installed it, and let it sync again. This fixed it.

I have exactly the same setup. Gmail stores my contacts and calendars and I use IMAP for my mail accounts. Deleted and reinstalled eM Client and I still have the issues. I left the application open last night. Was syncing when I went to be at 11:00pm and is still syncing now, 9 hours later with n one of the new emails actually appearing.

I am just a user so no special knowledge, i was just lucky I guess.
Did you download a fresh copy of eMC and install that? I did as it was an update.
Also, are any of your calendars iCal, Apple calendars, as they have forced two factor authentication for them recently.

Hi Peter. I did completely remove the software and installed a fresh version from the website today. Still having the same issue. I dont have any iCal or Apple Calendars but are syncing my Google Calendar and Google Contacts

All I can see next to all of my accounts is a circular icon, constantly spinning and the info bar in the lower left says syncronizing messages

Sorry I have no more thoughts, it needs a eMC specialist !!

Thank you Peter. I doubt they will reply. Might have to use Outlook instead. Shame Outlook doesnt sync Google Calendar and Contacts

Good luck. I used to use Outlook but it was so sloooooow!

Today i have the same problem :confused: