Content missing on reply/forward


I just updated to eMclient 9 (mostly to get the threaded messages which should have been a default from the word go… but anyway!), but now when I reply to certain emails, the content from the previous email disappears.

I see there were some other topics on this dating back to 2020, which stated that reinstalling after deleting everything from the app folder worked… but I would REALLY like to avoid this.
Unfortunately now due to my workflow, this is a major issue.

Checking the mail source/headers the two emails I noticed it on now are from different users/clients, (mac and thunderbird), So I dont think this is on their side.

Replying to the mails using outlook works, but there is a reason I paid for eM client… mostly NOT to have to use outlook :wink:


If I change the settings in “when replying to a message”, to attach original message, the attachment is shown.

But “include original message text” or “include and indent the original message text”, the reply/forward mail is always blank.

I just tested as well by sending myself an email from my Mac, and there is no content.

Email appears fine, but when I try to reply to myself using eM, you can see the

Even replying to the same email from myself using eM there is no content, and you can see in the screen shot that the settings are set to include the original

And it just gets worse… if I reply to an email, which I received via a mailing list (email groups), eM client sets the FROM: field as this email group, instead of my personal email account, and removes the egroup from the TO: field…