Content in body of e-mail disappears when changing which address I'm sending from.

Hi there,

Love the program, thank you. Happy user here who has just come across a funny bug that hopefully can get resolved. In short, I have two e-mails set up. One is a Gmail account and one is from my personal website. 

What happens is I can draft up an e-mail and then I realize before sending that I want to send it from the other account. So I change which e-mail I’m sending from and half the e-mail disappears. Just gone. Can’t undo or anything. This has happened a few times now so figured to ask about it.

Any thoughts or ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix?

Thanks a lot!

Did you manage to solve you problem?

I was just thinking that one thing that could be happening is you have a template or signature setup for the one account. When you switch the sender account, that signature and template will be removed.