Contacts do not appear in LHS panel and I get the error message that “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed” ALSO when I go to contacts in the toolbar block at the very top and select contacts the “Add contacts” button is greyed out and will not perform the functionalists, how do I fix these problems?

Hi John,

I have exactly the same problem. 
Rather than selecting “Menu -> Tools -> Contacts”, try selecting  the “+ New” menu item and then “Contact”.  


I have the same problem. Contacts at the left panel are empty. I also cannot add a new contact. But, if I go: Menu/Tools/Contacts, I can see my contacts. There is a box named “Folder” and it contains a text “All Contacts”. But I cannot change it or add a new folder. I suppose the problem is about setting the name and path to the right folder. But I don’t know its name and location, and don’t know how to set up it. Please, help!