Contacts won't sync new EM contact to Gmail but will receive new Gmail contact

I can receive (Sync) new contacts that were created in Gmail into EM but can’t receive (Sync) new contacts that were created in EM into Gmail. It only syncs contacts in one direction, from Gmail to EM but not the other way. I only have one Gmail account setup in EM. Everything else works fine. I have checked every setting in EM and Gmail and can’t figure out why it won’t work. I even set Gmail to allow less secure apps to access my account. What am I missing??


I just figured out how to make EM sync contacts with Gmail but I cant find how to set it as a default. When entering a new contact you need to change the file path at the very bottom of the window by double clicking on the existing path. You then double click on “My Contacts” and click “OK”. That directs the contacts sync path to the correct folder in Gmail. Below are pictures of what needs to be added as a default. If you cant ad it as a default what can I change in Gmail to accept the  file path of just Contacts??

My 75 year old mother can’t remember to select the new file path each time she enters a new contact to sync with her phone. I think for now I will just have her enter or edit any contacts on her phone or tablet since Gmail will sync the info to EM. This way EM and Gmail contacts will mirror each other until I can get this figured out.

Thanks for your help


This is what you normally see when creating a new contact

Here is what you need to add by double clicking on the existing path to make it add (Sync) new contacts in EM with Gmail.

Hello Karl,
if you open the New Contact window directly in the ‘My Contacts’ folder then the Category called ‘My Contacts’ should be automatically assigned to it (making it appear in both Contacts and My Contacts folder).


I Olivia,

Thanks for your help, but it doesn’t work. That’s what I have been doing all along. I can’t get the new contacts file extension to default to “My Contact”. See below.

Open contacts and select all folders

Select “New”

The default file path isn’t “My Contact”. It must be manually added.

To add it you double click on the existing file extension which opens a new window called “select Folder”.

On this window you must double click on “My Contacts”. This will add the file extension to the existing file path.

Here you can see that it has been added.

Now if you put in the contacts info it will sync with Gmail.

I cant figure out how to make this additional file extension show up as a default. If it would problem solved.

I’m not sure why EM will not add or update a contact to Gmail but Gmail will add or update a contact to EM. I would think the file paths would be the same.

What am I missing?

Can I change something in Gmail without causing problems with other devices that sync with Gmail?

Thanks for your help.