Contacts won't sync between eMClient and Google account

Can’t get contacts I add to eM Client or contacts added to my google mail account to sync, even though somehow when I set up eM Client and imported contacts, those contacts ended up being added to my google account.  I am evaluating eM Client with latest version.  My eM Client email account is set up to sync contacts.  My google account is set up to all less secure syncs.  Sync of my calendar and emails themselves works well.   Need help, thanks.

Contacts without any Category are usually hidden under ‘Other Contacts’ in Gmail interface.
Can you check if the contacts are there on the server?


I figured it out.  Somehow I had set up a duplicate set of contacts in a Local Folder, and that is the one that I had added more contacts to which would not sync to my google contacts because they are not supposed to.   I deleted the Local Folder contacts.  All is well now.